Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shooting The Opera Reception

Wow - I have been photographing the Sacramento Opera since the first performance in the Community Center Theater - 1981 La Boheme.  And yes. we have files and files of negatives ... :).  I have always loved photographing theater - Joan and I even got married in a friends theater where I also did some photography back in the day ... Our daughter and a friend did a ballet piece to flute music by Rampal, a musician played and then we got married for the 3rd act.

Our studio (Eleakis  & Elder Photography) and the Saramento Opera had a reception showing some of our favorite opera photos at the now closed 'Lounge On 20' last Saturday - right in the middle of the Midtown's Second Saturday event ... opera music playing out the doors with belly dancers and drums in the street ... an unexpected mix that really went with the photography :)

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the show...

It has been very rewarding and a lot of fun to be able to photograph the opera for all these years ... I look forward to many more. :)

To top it off, my Dad and Mom came by during the show ...

Carey, the singer sang a aria and my dad happened to be standing nearby, she ended up singing the song to him ...

Afterwards we found out that the song was a song sung from the daughter to her dad.  My dad was thrilled :)  It was very sweet and not at all planned.

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