Friday, February 24, 2012

Sac Opera Rigoletto

Sacramento Opera is doing Rigoletto.  It is a fun and flavor full Opera with lots of passion, great music and great visuals ... We always do the photos on the last dress rehearsal, which was Wednesday evening for this production.  Tonight is the first live show - if you can go, then go :) ...

I like the in the moment sense of movement ...


 Watch out for the knife!

OK - it is an Opera - not too unusual for someone to die ... ;)

We make all of the photos that we take at the Opera's available for free - they are on our web gallery that we use our client's galleries at


  1. Those are very nice shots. Usually photos from live productions look very poorly lit and bland, but you managed to capture some very nice scenes. Great job!

    1. Thanks Medford,

      Been doing performance photos for over 30 years :) Being in the right place at the right moment is the challenging part, if you ever want tech pointers feel free to wave.