Thursday, August 13, 2009

So you want pickles with that do you? I'll give you pickles!

A client came into our studio the other day for some tutoring. She had some questions about Photoshop Elements, and she wanted to see if I could help her with a problem ...

The Problem

Her family had gone to another photographer for family photos (who I won't name) with the understanding that they would be able to purchase the digital images (some of the family members are amateur photographers). The photographer said yes, and then sized the finished images for 8x10 and told the family that they wouldn't work for making 11x14's, which is what they wanted.

Well, this led to a discussion between the family and the photographer, who finally decided to wash their hands of it and give the family the 'original images' ...

The Photographer's Solution

The photographer gave the family a disc with, what they said, were the original images. For the photographers out there, each image was in tiff format and the long edge was 40 inches at 300dpi ... 240 MB files each! The image files were so large that the family thought that something was wrong with them because they couldn't get them to transfer to their computers.

So you said you want pickles with that do you? I'll give you pickles!

Our Solution

We created 11x14's sized images in the highest quality jpegs, our software did the conversions while we talked Photoshop - for non photographer's that means usable quality images. So we end up being the heros - not something I am ever prone to argue with ... this just goes to show (and remind us once again) how meeting expectations and good communication are the key to happy clients.


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