Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama and Politics

I am not a political person - never have been, and I don't feel guilty about it, although I feel pressure from those that are political. I think we are hard wired for the kind of things that interest us and that there will be a percentage of the population who are political, want to teach, write music, do math, etc. - everyone should do what they can and not feel guilty otherwise.

Most who write about politics are political ... so I thought in contrast, it would be interesting to share my uninformed impressions. For the record I am a white guy (german, french, scott-irish, english welsh) ;-)

I don't think Barack Obama won the Presidency because he was black, or intelligent, or spoke well, or religious, or has leadership qualities. All of these helped to gain support and win, but I think the one thing that made all the difference, that made him such a favorite, is presenting a balanced awareness and perspective. This was lacking from the previous presidency and it has become required for us in the USA. Yes, the country was ready for a black president, but much more importantly our country was looking for someone who radiates perspective.

I love the phrase ... 'you don't know what you don't know', which is the perfect phrase to represent the importance of perspective. Bush didn't seem to lead with that quality - I am excited for the future to see Obama leading plays out.


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