Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jodie becomes Joey - our new Cairn Terrier

So this really nice lady came into our studio on June 25th (Eleakis & Elder Photography - shameless SEO plug...) with this cute dog to take advantage of our Chow for Charity promotion (A photo session and 5x7 for pet food that we then donate) so that she could have a portrait taken of her dog - so she could find it a home. She is having back/health problems where she can't bend over and couldn't take care of Jodie any more - a real heart wrenching decision for her.

I took a look at Jodie and spent a few minutes to get to know her and said we could skip taking a photo - I could take her if she thought that would be OK. Jodie is ten years old and is a real sweetie and is working out great and gets along super with Katie, our Kerry Blue Terrier.

Joan (my wife) had a problem with the name Jodie (I have a cousin named Jodie) ... but Joan's cousin Joey said to name her Joey - so she's Joey now ... :-) ...

...and here she is in our back yard ...


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