Monday, December 27, 2010

My fav photo restoration of the year ....

Every once in a while a restoration comes along that is so much fun and just makes me smile!

A friend and client came into the studio with some tiny little bits of photo - most of the pieces made a dime look big. It seems they had a favorite dog that had long since passed and these pieces were what was left of the photo. Could we possibly get some sort of photo from these little scraps of image? If we could, it would be a Christmas surprise for the wife. :)

The dog's name was Zoomer. The next dog to come into the family ate - yes ATE the photo, which is how it got into a bunch of little pieces (I also remember over hearing something about a stomach being pumped, but I don't know if that was because of this photo only, or if other stuff was also eaten ...). Amazing that the pieces were even saved.

So here are the little pieces ...

Puzzled over and moved the pieces around in Photoshop for a couple hours ..

Filled in the missing bits, and cropped the bottom part ...

From little scraps to having a memory of Zoomer - gave me tingles :)


  1. You really did a terrific job on this photo restoration. I'm sure the wife was elated when her husband presented the retored photo to her at Christmas. Beautiful job, absolutely beautiful.