Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What A Wedding!

Chantel and Greg ARE MARRIED! They are off honeymooning - don't know where - not supposed to know - that is OK ;). We hired Chantel 9+ years ago - little did we know she would knock our socks off with her talent and sweetness and become our business partner (me and my sweetie, Joanse). We have become family, and Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding ... such a different experience when it is family ... teary eyed behind the camera and all :) ...

It has taken me forever to choose the photos - I keep adding in family photos that are sweet and then - 'if they are in the blog, I should add this family too' - reminder to self; this is not their wedding album and I want to get this online before they get home! ;) - so not so much family, just some of the the day and the two of them, mostly ...

...I actually was able to get a photo ... :)

Love these!

The Marriage was at Beatnik Studios, an art gallery and photographer co-op ... perfect for Chantel and Greg (who didn't want the same-o-same-o). The art work on the wall was not conducive to a wedding - it came down and left a very large empty wall - so Chantel and Greg had done a big honeymoon before the wedding, a trip to Europe last December and had taken some random photos with their little Canon Elph camera ... we blew them up for that empty wall and it was now a gallery again! (The little white tabs under each image has the image's name on it, it was a proper gallery showing).

After doing family photos we ran off for some very quick romantics!

And then the whole group photo of everyone (except me - but I know Photoshop) ;) !

Then the first dance and stuff - if you look close that is one helluva dip!:)

The photo booth was a huge success! Call us for a referral, they were wonderful!

And off into the depths of a wild sweet party !

Thanks Chantel and Greg ... We loved every minute of it!
~ Roger

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