Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sara and Evan equals Twins

Sara and Evan are twins, they were here for graduation photos. They share a sense of humor, a gentleness - a kind of self conscious awareness and at the same time they are totally comfortable with who they are - but their favorite thing is definitely not being photographed. They had already had the formal school photos, mom was looking for outdoor photos to have something that really resonated with their personalities.

So we played - hey - it is all about personality. I have to say that I absolutely loved doing the session. Here are a few of the shots I really liked...

I love water and reflections - so I get real low to the water - just think it is pretty ...

For you photographers ... there is a tree to the cameras right the the sun is hitting - that was the light source.

So I handed Sara my camera at the end of the session and showed her what buttons to press and she took this one of her brother - my favorite photo of the session :) - I just love it when I am surprised with something real cool and I think it is real wonderful that Sarah and Evan felt pretty comfortable with me.

Sara and Evan - Thanks!

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