Monday, May 10, 2010

The irony of quality

I did a copy and restoration for a new customer which was picked up last Friday - I did a wonderful job, and the customer asked - is this a good job? It took me off gaurd. It was a wonderful job from a very difficult original - superb. I would post the before and after here, but I didn't ask for permission ...

But, the point of this is it got me to thinking about perceptions. What I think is obvious isn't always obvious. Unless the customer had the same job done by someone else, and then compared the jobs, they might never know. And on the other hand if they had the job done by another who did not do as well, they would still never know how good it could get... quality is something we do. But quality will not guarantee that we get the business and lack of quality in others will not necessarily bring us business.

OK, I realize and I am thankful that this isn't every customer, and I do feel like I am ranting a little (would have much rather had the customer say 'oooh this is good'). I just wanted to share this little life reminder - one of those many ironies of life ...

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