Monday, April 12, 2010

I like ~crazy~

And I like photos to be a little 'off' ... Photos that are overly posed feel fake to me. A little bit of imperfection brings more feeling, makes it more real and honest. The reason I pose is so that the light and the setting works and the subjects of the photo are in a good place and are flattered, for when the good stuff happens.

Every situation has in it the opportunity to get something unexpected - even what appears on the surface to be the simplest session can have magic moments in the session if I can find them. It is that illusive possibility, that is the challenge and what keeps it exciting and fun for me.

I did a photo session the other day which included two hyper Labs that got me to thinking, I realized that there was no stress with the session - I was happy! Crazy subjects means that random things are bound to happen, and when random things happen photos happen that I could never pose - and could never repose. For me that is magic! My secret is that it doesn't take any patience to handle the real crazy situations ... in truth I am relieved that I am sure to get something unique and special, I just have to be aware and there ...


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